Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) Kills Shopping App Unveils ‘Heads Up’ Feature For Distractions

It’s the end of the road for the Google Shopping app. The tech giant has confirmed it is ending support for the shopping app barely two years after launching it. In the next few weeks, all the app’s functionalities will be transferred to the shopping tab on the company’s website.

Shopping App Demise

The shopping app came into being 19 months ago as a replacement to Google Express. However, the service appears to have struggled to have the desired impact as other services have proved to be highly effective for shopping.

Even as Google is ending support on IOS and Android platforms, clients will still continue using the app through June. By ending support, Google plans to expand its shopping functionality on other platforms such as Search and YouTube.

The decision to end support does not come as a surprise as shopping on Google does not necessarily need an app. Most users are fond of visiting Search to look for products as it makes it easier to shop given the filter results available.

‘Heads Up’ Feature

As Google plans to end support for the Shopping app, it also continues innovating and releasing new features and services. The tech giant is in the process of rolling out a new feature for Android users that will allow them to block unnecessary distractions on their smartphones.

Heads Up is the new feature currently in beta on Google’s Digital Wellbeing app that will allow Android users to keep track of the amount of time spent on their devices. For instance, anyone walking with their smartphone unlocked will receive a reminder reminding them to keep track of their surroundings. The new feature should be of great benefit to people working out, running, or jogging.

The Heads Up Feature will leverage sensors in Android devices to detect movement and try to understand what one is doing. The location feature should allow the app to know whether one is walking indoors or walking outdoors.

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